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-Terms and Services-

This agreement applies as long as you use our site, products or services.

You are 18-years of age or older.

You are fully responsible for your safety and the safety of others around you, at your home or
anywhere while using or accessing any of our products.

You (The Buyer) are fully responsible of all liabilities, damages, injuries, modifications done to products,
buyer local laws, buyer local regulations, and ownership of Commandos Airsoft Guns.

You will not hold Commandos Airsoft Guns, its owners, affiliates' and employees responsible for any legal actions,
liabilities, damages, penalties, claims, or other obligations caused by your ownership or use of Commandos Airsoft products.
All of our airsoft products are sold with bright orange tip to comply with federal laws and regulations.

Commandos Airsoft Guns will not be responsible for injuries and damages caused by improper usage,
user errors, crazy stunts, with or without adult supervision, or recklessness.

We reserve the right to change prices and promotions without prior notice.

Buying, using or accessing the products and or services of Commandos Airsoft Guns signifies your agreement to our terms and services.
Terms and Services - Federal Law requires all airsoft guns have orange tip on the guns.

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